Lines of Business


Construction set the path for the Grupo Avintia. From the very first moment, we have worked to go beyond all the expectations and to carry out unique projects that always live up to even the most demanding social, business and industrial requirements. This philosophy has allowed us, in a very short time, to diversify the different types of construction we do: RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND INFRASTRUCTURES.


Residential Construction
It's own distinctive style underpinned by the quality, innovation and uniqueness applied to the different types of construction:

Avintia Luxury
The pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity in detached single-family dwellings, villas and luxury residential complexes, etc.

Private Housing
The driving force behind Avintia Construcción thanks to a construction system which seeks excellence and guarantees the fulfilment of deadlines, costs and levels of quality.

VPO Plus
Why should we do the same thing that everyone else is doing if we can do it better? The answer is VPO+, Avintia Construcción's white label brand. Its creation was based on our own system which allows for the standardisation of qualities and construction procedures and lets us optimise the investment, reduce costs and offer private-housing grade quality at subsidised housing prices.

Commercial and Industrial Sector Construction

Applying our philosophy requires us to make a conscious effort to be responsible: provide efficient, swift and profitable solutions to modern companies in order for them to be able to operate their facilities as quickly as possible. In this way, we've become specialists in the development and building of:

  • Public projects which contribute to social change: health centres, sports complexes, education centres, social centres, etc.
  • Private projects which streamline company operations: from technology parks to office buildings, industrial buildings, etc.
  • The refurbishment of historical buildings which preserves the value of the past by means of the most advanced procedures and resources.

Our solution for society's progress.

Society advances to the beat of the new technologies, new consumption habits and new needs created by an increasingly more demanding everyday life. Our construction solutions for infrastructures reflect our ability to be a part of this progress. That's why we provide solutions for the extremely demanding business and social needs required by airports, bridges, motorways, railways, parking structures, public transport systems, water-management infrastructures, etc.