Lines of Business


The Grupo Avintia is a modern company. As such, it is in a state of constant change in order to be able to adapt its recourses, processes and capabilities to the new market models and society's new living habits.

The Grupo Avintia's diversification model is its solution for this change: expanding markets allows for the development of a sustained growth, an essential element which lets each line of business offer support to all the others.  Moreover, it permits the group to maintain our commitment to excellence in all of the construction services and solutions we offer. In short, diversification projects the quality of our business across all the spheres in which we operate.

Líneas de negocioCONSTRUCTION

Construction solutions in the residential, commercial and infrastructures sectors for a modern and sustainable society.

Líneas de negocioREAL ESTATE

Extensive experience and recognition in the marketing of properties, development management and delegated and in-house real estate development.

Líneas de negocioSERVICES

Advanced and comprehensive pre and post-sale solutions (maintenance, construction assistance, refurbishment, 24-hour service, etc.) to face the new market demands.

Líneas de negocioHOTELS

National and international experience in hotel consultancy, management and operations achieving excellent results in protecting the interest of the investors and optimising profitability.

Líneas de negocioSPORT

The Grupo Avintia competes in the MotoGP World Championship with the Avintia Racing Ducati Team. The competitive spirit and the values of the Group are thus present in racetracks all around the world

Líneas de negocioINTERNATIONAL

The Grupo Avintia continues with its international expansion process which began with AVORA Colombia: all of the quality and the capacity to execute large-scale projects in the prosperous Latin American market.