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Future, training, competitiveness, solvency, diversification, growth, professional development. There are a lot of reasons for you to choose Grupo Avintia to help you develop your career but, perhaps, you don’t know just how to do it yet. To help you find your way, we’ve provided detailed answers to the following frequent questions. Look them over and you’ll be one step closer to Grupo Avintia.

How can I send you my CV and apply for a position?

In order to send us your curriculum vitae, you need to enter into the Employment section and click on the Job Offers link. Once there, you can see all of the active job offers the company is currently recruiting for. You simply have to follow the steps to enter your information.

If you do not see job offers you’re interested in, you can also send us your CV by registering or signing up as a new user. With this option, you will be able to create a user name and password, allowing you to upload the most current version of your curriculum vitae in a variety of formats.

What is Avintia’s selection process like?

The selection process begins when a Technician from the Human Resources Department studies the curriculum vitae received and decides which best fit the profile previously defined for the position.

After a short telephone interview, a date will be set for face-to-face interview with the candidates. This normal occurs with the Human Resources Technician who is responsible for the selection process.

In some cases, this contact will be sufficient to conclude the evaluation. In other cases, a more in-depth evaluation will be needed and the candidate will be asked to complete a professional test, an aptitude or personality test or complete some type of group task.

Once all of the information is analysed, the Human Resources Technician gives a shortlist with the final candidates to the Director or Manager of the Department that the new employee will join. This Director or Manager will interview the final candidates and decide who the best fit for their team is.

This process is not always so simple. Occasionally, positions with a much higher level of responsibility become vacant and a more in-depth evaluation is required. Collaboration with external agents may also be needed.

If you’re selected, congratulations! If not, don’t get discouraged. It’s quite possible that your profile will fit better with other job opportunities in the future.

What are employee profiles are most in demand in the company?

Grupo Avintia is a company that has been evolving quickly ever since its creation in 2007. Due to the diversity of our Group’s business lines, in addition to our international presence, the employee profiles which are most in demand in the company are those for professionals in the construction, real estate and hotel sectors. However, due to our growth, we also need to fill numerous vacancies in Central Services (Finance, Legal Counsel, Planning and Control, Marketing, Human Resources and General Services Departments). For this reason, we need employees who are highly adaptable. Diversity is a key element in our talent recruitment strategy.

How can I get an internship?

An internship is the first step in your professional career and could possibly open doors for your future. In the Employment Section, you will find a tab labelled Internships where you will find all of the internship positions the company is currently offering. When you click on the one you are interested in, you will be asked to provide all the information necessary to evaluate your professional profile.