The Grupo Avintia is one of the world’s leading comprehensive companies in the area of construction, infrastructure and services solutions with a strong development in management of investments, construction projects and both public and private assets. In short, the group diversifies in order to lead the way in developing new forms of progress and quality of life.


Promoting social progress and new community living habits

The Grupo Avintia evolves in its projects, procedures and services in order to play an increasingly more important role in making society more modern and sustainable. For this, our activities go beyond those solutions which merely bring quality and innovation together when faced with new models of community living, lifestyles, business opportunities or the development of infrastructures.

Our philosophy involves taking initiative and generating new possibilities of progress and quality of life. We diversify our lines of business, offering our services and providing value to each of our proposals with the goal of consolidating the Grupo Avintia as a future benchmark.

Diversification: how we lead the way

Leading the way means diversifying in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure Sector Construction. It means generating value in the hotel industry by means of innovative and profitable management models. It is offering a comprehensive post-sale service specialised in always offering the best state of any real estate property. It’s initiating an expansion that goes beyond our borders, the proof of our trust in a solid business model with a large operational capacity. Leading the way is developing real estate services which expertly satisfy even the most sophisticated clients and understanding the reality and demands of the banking sector. It’s projecting our competitive values in the world-class sporting arena.