The creation of the Grupo Avintia started to take form in 2007 with the birth of Avintia Construcción. Since then, the company’s growth has progressively manifested itself in the diversification of lines of business needed to respond to the new demands found in the market and provide 360º service and management coverage to construction activities, the driving force behind the Grupo Avintia

What are the keys to our growth?

Our growth begins with our Team: a group of professionals with proven knowledge and experience who are able to analyse our sector’s situation and adopt measures which allow us to stand out thanks to our quality, commitment and operational capacity.

For this reason, the Grupo Avintia has developed its own procedures and technologies which it puts at the service of a efficient, sustainable and responsible management model. That’s why we’ve been able to achieve a financial solvency which allows us to tackle any project head on. Nowadays, we are even more loyal to our own style than ever: take every opportunity to outdo ourselves and surprise our clients.


The Grupo Avintia’s activity is determined by our innovative thinking, competence, teamwork and a strong commitment to transparency.


To be leaders in the creation, promotion and management of solutions for our clients and our current society without compromising future generations.

How do we achieve this?

Being a leader means not putting limits on oneself. It means improving what can be improved, taking initiative, generating new paths for growth and providing solutions which reflect your own personal style.

Being a leader is an attitude which manifests itself in facts and actions such as offering a diversified product portfolio, innovating every day and investing selectively in order to increase the services offered. It means permanently improving the standards of quality, safety and reliability. It’s expanding the horizons of our activities and incorporating new talent while increasing our client portfolio. Being a leader implies maintaining and increasing a solid and competitive financial structure which spans across all our business’s areas of activity, increasing the profitability of our resources. It’s betting on sustainable growth and promoting it throughout all of the areas in which we operate. Additionally, it’s also participating in society’s progress, creating, developing and supporting initiatives that contribute to becoming future driving forces.