Since its birth in 2008 and with the firm idea of becoming a connecting link between developers and clients, Brick O'Clock has evolved to the point where it has positioned itself among property development companies as the leading post-sale department offering comprehensive management of real estate properties.


What has driven this evolution? What has made Brick O'Clock an essential partner? Why are its services decisive for the value of properties?

Brick O'Clock is more than just a services company. It is a team of professionals who know how to put themselves in their clients' shoes. It knows how to understand their interests, their situations, their businesses. Moreover, it knows what maintaining the value of real estate properties means to both private clients and companies. For this reason, it involves itself in the process to such an extent that it provides a methodology and a service offer which doesn't leave any room for improvisation.

Brick O'Clock offers everything from refurbishment projects, comprehensive remodelling and financing of the works to the maintenance of uninhabited dwellings, rented properties, newly constructed building or the maintenance and refurbishment of commercial premises, concierge services, surveillance, key holding and a Call Centre available 24/7, 365 days a year, to quickly resolve any breakdowns or incidents.

As a reflection of its high levels of professionalism, Brick O'Clock carries out periodic audits to determine the degree of completion and cleanliness of the dwelling and drafts pre-sale reports establishing the state of each property. All of this has allowed Brick O'Clock to become an especially trusted partner in the conservation of real estate properties from the banking sector.


What do all these services provide? Why should you put your property in the hands of Brick O'Clock?

Competitive Advantages

Trustworthiness:, based on a technical and staffing infrastructure with renowned prestige where quality and service capabilities are its defining features. Brick O'Clock is certified by a wide range of clients from a variety of sectors (financial entities, cooperatives, property managers, etc.)
Efficiency: based on professionalism and resources that guarantee a prompt and decisive resolution of breakdowns and incidents.
The optimisation of time and resources: by assisting construction companies in the completion of works.
Prevention: via control and maintenance services geared towards detecting incidents in time, resolving them as soon as possible and preventing any further complications.