The Grupo Avintia wouldn’t be the Grupo Avintia if we had only limited ourselves to construction activities. As a complement to our main business activity, our corporate model has developed a series of services and initiatives that provide 360º coverage, meeting the needs that each project could require while, at the same time, adding value to each square metre built.


How do we add value to our construction activities?

By leading the way when faced with the sector’s reality and needs, providing agile, efficient and profitable solutions. In order to do this, we’ve created specialised companies such as the following:

Brick O’Clock

The sector's first company specialised in comprehensive post-sale services and the sector’s prime example of a post-sale department for developers regarding the comprehensive management of real estate properties. It carries out its activity by means of a wide range of services based on the refurbishment and financing of works (consulting, architectural projects and comprehensive renovations), property maintenance with the goal of preserving its value, uninhabited dwellings, rentals, new works, commercial premises, etc.) and 24-hour repair of breakdowns or incidences.

Brick O'Clock stands out thanks to the trustworthiness created by its technical infrastructure and its renowned expert staff. In addition to this, its quality and service capacity, as attested by its wide range of clientele (financial entities, cooperatives, developers, property managers, etc.), also help to set it apart from its competition. At the same time, it provides support, in terms of operations and profitability, thanks to its ability to facilitate the work of construction companies and economise their time and resources by assisting them with the financing of works.

ADI (Avintia Desarrollos Inmobiliarios)

ADI reflects the Grupo Avintia’s ability to understand and respond to the reality of real estate properties in the banking sector. Along these lines, it carries out Comprehensive Project Management across the entire real estate spectrum, supported by the Grupo Avintia’s corporate structure and by developers located all over Spain. It offers consultancy, management and commercialisation of the financial entity's properties. ADI does all of this by means of extraordinary collaborations, direct property development, investee companies and the commercialisations of assets.