Leadership in residential building represents one of the key pillars of the Grupo Avintia's business objectives. Within this department, Avintia Construcción develops housing for both private and public clients, making it one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial Spanish companies in the sector.


Each project is just the beginning of the next one

Our leadership begins with the quality and broad range of our technical experience as well as our knowledge of both local and global markets. From there, we apply our innovative experience and ability by means of a detailed planning (PMO) geared towards the optimisation of procedures and resources that guarantee our commitments to deadlines and quality levels. At the same time, we set up a thorough control of the project, which is the core of our transparency with both developers and the end customer.

The result of all this is the combination of quality and our ability to guarantee our agreements regarding costs and deadlines, taking us to where we want to be: excellence. Thus, each project generates the confidence and satisfaction required to move on to the next one. For this reason, we have extraordinary future prospects thanks to a client portfolio that grows at an increasingly faster rate.

Private Housing, VPO Plus and Luxury: 3 ways of being unmistakable

Private Housing: the epitome of a signature construction style

Our ability to execute private housing projects spans from the leading role Avintia Construcción had in the Urban Development Plan for Valdebebas (the most prosperous and modern expansion area in Madrid) to the uniqueness and characteristics demanded by local markets, whether they be in Colombia or in any other part of our country. In every case, we have made quality our defining feature.

VPO Plus: private housing quality at subsidised housing prices

Why should we do the same thing that everyone else is doing if we can do it better? From such a seemingly simple reflection as this, VPO+, Avintia Construcción's white label brand, was born. Its creation was based on our own system which allows for the standardisation of qualities and procedures and lets us optimise the investment, reduce costs and offer one of our greatest differentiating factors: private housing quality at subsidised housing prices.

Avintia Luxury: the pinnacle of design and exclusivity

The highest level of quality, the most sophisticated design and the most exclusive style converge in detached single-family dwellings, villas and luxury residential complexes, etc. Avintia Luxury reflects our most innovative concept of the avant-garde and distinction.