The Grupo Avintia has its own personality: values, methods, and philosophy. It has its own way of being and doing things that identifies us, that makes us excellence-oriented and that forces us to constantly renew our resources and efforts in order to strengthen our most competitive achievements: trust, credibility and technical and economic security. From these characteristics, the advantages which have made us a leader in the sector are born.


  1. Financial Solvency.

    The financial capacity to execute large-scale projects in any sector

  2. Meeting the agreed-upon deadlines.

    Monthly audits via a technical planning system, unique in the construction sector.

  3. Quality of the constructed work.

    Control audits of the works for the purposes of strictly complying with the quality parameters and facilitating the delivery of the project to the developer with all its guarantees.

  4. Comprehensive Pre-sale Service.

    Guarantees an optimum execution of the work for the developer before its delivery and allows for the client’s total satisfaction.

  5. Comprehensive Post-sale Service.

    Our commitment continues even after delivering the work: telephone and technical customer service for 3 years for both the end consumer and the developer.

  6. Personalised Customer Service.

    We adapt our system of working to each project in order to surpass the client’s expectations and goals.

  7. Rigorous studies of the project.

    Controlling every detail of the project’s resources and processes allows for the establishment of a “turnkey” price which guarantees the final price for the client.

  8. Experience.

    Both the professionals at the worksite as well as those in the Grupo Avintia’s central offices have proven experience in the execution and fulfilment of internal procedures.

  9. Economic control and improvement of the contracted works.

    This avoids complaints to the constructor regarding the loss of benefits and allows the project to be made available to the end consumer with the agreed-upon level of quality.

  10. Health and Safety.

    Biweekly audits, contracting specialised companies, management in accordance with OSHA 18001 certifications, etc. Maintaining a 0-accident rating helps to generate trust in potential clients.