Welcome to a new concept in the consultancy, management and operation of the hotel industry. A new innovative business model that is sensitive to the reality of each operation and geared towards offering and applying strategic solutions that protect the investors' interests. It promotes good practices with owners, clients, suppliers, sales channels, etc. and optimises profitability in order to make each project a business success.


In order to do this, our philosophy is simple: at ADH Hoteles we unite a passion for the sector with a business mentality. A combination that drives management quality and results by means of specialised processes and services. Would you like to know more about them?


ADH Hoteles Services. A solution full of solutions


Consultancy: analysis and diagnosis are the keys to our strategy

We analyse each project for the purposes of optimising the investment, allocation and operation. In such an incredibly sensitive market situation, the analysis help us to make the best decision and set our investment's strategy. How? By means of market studies, analysis of the property's concept and character, reviewing its legalisation and applicable regulations, creating a needs programme, searching for business partnerships, rebranding, estimating the Capex, base budgeting, searching for financing, etc.


Implementation of the investment. Specialisation in Hotel Management and Operation

Once the state of the property has been determined, we pose various work scenarios in which we search for the most profitability. Along these lines, our experience, our knowledge of the operational costs and the business services specialised in both national and international management foster trust. We generate results based on the evaluation of a variety of factors such as temporality, the type of property, the services and facilities, the category, etc., the valuation of properties for their operation and the participation in investments, determining the competitive advantages, the development of both business and managerial partnerships, etc.


Acquisition of Hotel Properties. ADH Patrimonialista

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to acquire hotel properties that have been around for a while, are in situations of "distress" or properties that are having economic difficulties. In order to decide on each acquisition and optimise its business potential, we have developed services such as technical, legal, commercial and business Due Diligence, estimating the Capex for rebranding or restructuring processes, asset valuation for discounts, cash flows, EBITDA multipliers, human resources restructuring, fiscal and financial strategies, agreements and partnerships with companies marketing international brands, etc.

All of this, along with the support and resources of the Grupo Avintia, allow us to get one step closer to the goal ADH Hoteles was born with: to become the market leaders in multi-brand hotel management.


What makes us great?

The factors which differentiate ADH Hoteles go beyond the mere figures. In them, we can find the potential to grow, helping others grow as well.

Our Staff
This is the greatest value ADH Hoteles possesses: a group of professionals with extensive national and international experience in the management, operation, development, financing, partnerships, fusions and acquisitions of hotel properties.

ADH 360º
A unique and continuous system of services provided to clients, developers and investors who don't have much knowledge about the sector.


Business Partnerships

With the world's most important brands in the hotel industry. These partnerships drive operations with an amazing strategic and business value and provide ADH Hoteles with a reputation associated with the highest level of quality.

Controlled Outsourcing of Services
By turning to specialised companies, ADH Hoteles is able to concentrate on managerial and strategic tasks, reduce risks and facilitate the takeover and management of any type of establishment.

Innovative Management Model
It facilitates the participation of associates in conjunction with ADH Hoteles and offers an investment and management platform that is safe for operations for private investors, investment funds, "family office" investment managers, etc.