Our figures reflect a reality, a trend and a way of projecting our capabilities and growth. However, the true financial potential of the Grupo Avintia is in the way we manage those figures. That's where you'll find the keys to a solid Group that thinks about both its own future and that of its investing partners.

Diversification as the pillar of our growth.

The Grupo Avintia offers services for the development, financing, management and maintenance of both public and private construction projects. The diversification of the Grupo Avintia in Construction, Services, Hotels, International and Sport has allowed us to generate new synergies among our lines of business, thus increasing the growth potential in a variety of markets.

Solvency to take on and carry out large-scale projects.

Our construction experience and knowledge, supported by an balance sheet that grows with each year, allows us to develop the most complex and ambitious projects. This investment capacity, in conjunction with our know how, proven by our leadership in the residential sector and our philosophy geared towards generating services and management models for our projects, reflect the way we understand and develop our activity. All of these aspects are underpinned by our principles of sustainability, ethics and safety as the base of any operation.

Financial strategy based on reinvestment.

For the Grupo Avintia, investing in the Grupo Avintia is our way of proving that we want to be increasingly more competitive. We want to be leaders in more and more markets and we feel that we are acting in line with a long-term business model. This belief in our own abilities projects a feeling of credibility to investment funds, financial entities, etc. while, at the same time, providing us with an extremely high percentage of our turnover for our own funds. In short, we have the financial solvency to guarantee the company's continuity under optimum competitive conditions.