The Grupo Avintia is constantly evolving its business model, one which is geared towards offering 360º solutions and services related with construction activities. Imagina by Avintia is one of its most ambitious propositions. Imagina is an innovative solution for a new purchasing experiences in residential construction: flexibility, quality and responsiveness which offer each client the home that best reflects their own personal lifestyle.

It's much more than just style: it's a lifestyle.

Imagina by Avintia offers its clients a wide range of possibilities along two lines:

  • A variety of layout options: we agree on the architectural layout that best meets each client's needs and preferences.
  • Levels of quality, finishes, materials and environments that allow you to choose each home adhering to any style.

Lifestyles: our way of making the decision-making process easier.

Imagina by Avintia has defined five types of lifestyles and the corresponding styles of carrying out the works. Five ways of being with which the vast majority of people can identify and that help to guide our clients in the choice of levels of quality, materials, finishes, environments and layout options. We're sure that you have a lot in common with some of them:


Neo is to take full advantage of each moment. It's vibrancy, versatility and the ability to react and adapt.

To be Neo is to be independent, feel good about yourself, take care of yourself and surround yourself with comfort, cosiness and harmony.
To be Neo is to face the future head on, take initiative and search for new sensations and experiences.

This personality is reflected in wide-open spaces flooded with light, settings defined by select elements and by contrasting sensations. It's characterised by avant-garde architecture and finishes that exude quality.


Nowadays, to be Classic means to evolve but, at the same time, to never lose sight of the traditional, the authentic and the timeless.

It is bringing together innovation and roots. It's a balance between trends and convictions. 
To be Classic is to be prudent, discreet and moderate but, at the same time, to be receptive to new proposals that influence identity and appearance. It's a lifestyle that maintains strong customs and ideals that are consolidated from one generation to the next. It preserves a marked sense of wellbeing in which comfort is just as important as its context.


To be Cosmopolitan is to feel comfortable amongst diversity.

It's the virtue of being able to bring harmony to the most dissimilar things, to be receptive to different trends, to use combinations and mixtures of the most apparently unalike elements to surprise. To be Cosmopolitan is to take risks, to wholeheartedly trust your intuition when making decisions, to be sure of oneself. It's a lifestyle reflected in contrasts and flamboyant spaces associated with a happy, expressive and uninhibited personality. In a fusion of styles, it is the balance between modern architecture and classic touches.


To be Essential means to be clear about things: functionality above all else.

Design as an innovative approach to a use. Essential is organisation, the tendency to have healthy habits and self-discipline. Essential is to value what each detail provides, to transform usefulness into something attractive and comforting. In short, it is the aesthetics of common sense and the pleasure of a simple life. It is a personality reflected in functionality, in open and welcoming architectural spaces and in the feeling of balance created by geometry, clean lines and a sense of proportionality.  In short, it is the innovation of practical interior design.


To be Top is to seek out distinction and exclusivity.

It is to be selective as an expression of a fundamental principle of life, an essence of good taste in both your personal appearance as well as in daily habits. To be Top is to value the original, all that which goes beyond the merely foreseeable. It is to find a state of refinement and elegance, far removed from excesses and the baroque. Being Top is to turn the ability to chose into a luxury where making each decision becomes a special moment. It’s a personality that is manifested in a suggestive design and in the highest level of quality in the elements and finishes. It is avant-garde interior architecture that creates surprising ample spaces, flooded with light. Being Top is the pinnacle of sophistication.